Collective Impact

  • Outcome-based initiatives – Design, implement and evaluate social-sector efforts from concept through impact, utilizing data and best practices from day one to drive improved outcomes.
  • Multi-sector alliances – Create and manage effective strategies to build cross-sector strategic partnerships and collaboration; align mission, strategies and goals.
  • Social-impact funding – Define clear objectives, manage grant requests and funding programs to maximize investment impact.

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Culture Shift – Create and manage programs that improve communication and culture.
  • Change Management – Facilitate implementation of outcome-based action plans that overcome inter- or intra-organizational limitations.
  •  Internal Investigation of Sensitive Matters  – Thorough objective-based analysis and recommended actions.
  • Conflict Resolution – Facilitate process to understand disparate perspectives, align goals and resolve disputes.
  • Executive Coaching – Advise organizational leadership to address social sector issues from strategy to implementation to data-driven results.

Community Focus

  • Community Engagement/Outreach – Develop stakeholder ownership, loyalty and involvement.
  • Corporate Philanthropy – Establish new or refocus existing programs to benefit the community and facilitate corporate good will.
  • Community Advocate – Facilitate the understanding of local perspectives to ensure goals align with strategies.

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